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Transition Zone with Caribbean Horizon

Transition Zone

Positioning using Del Norte Trisponder

Transition Zone

Key land crews in the Horizon Timeline.

  • LC1 (Dorset, UK)

  • LC2 (Kent & Sussex, UK)

  • LC3 (Jamaica)

  • LC4 High Res Coal surveys (Notts/Yorks, UK)

  • LC5 (Various, UK), vibroseis (1990 Italy)

  • LC6

  • LC7 (Bangladesh)

  • LC8

  • LC9 (1989 Tanzania) - Formed to go to Argentina initially (Patagonia)

  • LC10 (Bangladesh)

  • LC12 (dynamite only)

  • HRL2 Mini-SOSIE (1988 Tewkesbury), (Sweden)

Any others we have missed? Please mail and let us know.